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One of the most powerful new marketing strategies that is being used more than ever is the QR Code.

You can find them on numerous products in the market now.

Brands are using these to create a more enhanced experience for the consumer of their products but are still falling short of the full potential of these magnificent offerings. Blabeey has taken this offering to an entirely different level with its introduction of its Blabeey Tags.

Blabeey Tags give advertisers, brands, marketers and marketing agencies the ability to create the most amazing user experience ever.

No-one can tell a consumer about how incredible their product is better than the brand themselves. For the first time ever, using our very simple 1,2,3 step system advertisers can create a "Real World" experience through Blabeey Tags.

When we say Real World we really mean it.

Blabeey Tags are Real World enhanced QR Codes with one gigantic differentiation. With Blabeey Tags brands can essentially bring their products to life in the Real World. Take a look at the Video and Deck to get a better idea of what Blabeey Tags are and why we are confident brands are going to replace their current traditional QR Code marketing with Blabeey Tags.

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